About ArtbyEve

 Eve is a college student, artist, and creator of ArtbyEve. At age 11, she began creating and donating her artwork to help raise money for worthy causes. Eve’s work has benefitted people struggling with a variety of adversities like childhood leukemia, domestic abuse, breast and ovarian cancer, or abject poverty by raising money for charities such as Debbie's Dream Stomach Cancer Foundation, Women in Distress, Food for the Poor, FORCE, Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital, and others. Eve began her service at age 11 when her friend was diagnosed with leukemia. She designed holiday cards to sell for his benefit. Shortly after completing her first holiday card series for the project--which was dubbed JakeandHisFight--other organizations in the community started to reach out to her. Eve has been using her artwork to raise money for charitable causes since. To date, Eve has raised over $50,000 for many worthy causes and plans to continue to serve through her artwork. Selected pieces of Eve’s artwork have been made into holiday cards, greeting cards, and giclee prints. All of the proceeds from the sales of such cards and prints go to benefit the respective charities and organizations.